Severe Sharp Pain In Ears – What Causes Sharp Ear Pain?

A lot of people experience sudden ear pain. It can be a stabbing or shooting pain or pain with ringing. However, they are not sure what the possible causes ear pain are. In this case, if you do not have any ear discharge or infection, you are probably suffering from a TMJ disorder.


What is TMJ?

This is the jaw joint beside your ears. It connects your jaw to the rest of your head. You can find them when you put your fingers just in front of your ears towards your cheeks.

TMJ Disorder Causes Ear Pain

How does TMJ disorder pain influence ear pain? The classic symptom of TMJ disorder is ear ache or pain. This is only one of several symptoms that you may experience. The sharp stabbing pain or poking pain in your ears is due to the irritation of the nerves near the ears.

The irritation comes from the the TMJ which compresses the nerves in the ears connecting all your nerves to the face, head, cheeks, lips and ears. If you have a TMJ pain disorder, you will surely have ear aches apart from other nasty symptoms.
Other symptoms accompanied with ear pain:

• ear pain with headache
• ear pain with popping sound
• cracking sound ear pain
• ear ache in the morning
• ear pain when moving jaw

How can we treat TMJ pain?

It really depends on the TMJ disorder cause. It can be both genetic or dental malocclusion. In any case, an orthodontist or dentist may help in alleviating the pain. However, you can also find some alternative home treatments for TMJ pain.

If this is your first experience to have ear pain, you need to identify some other symptoms to make sure that you do not have any illnesses. This way, we can rule out other conditions and you may concentrate on treating TMJ disorder pain. Take note that many symptoms of TMJ syndrome are very similar to other diseases.

It is best that you seek the advice of an expert like an orthodontist or even a neurologist to exactly identify the cause of your condition. If indeed you are clear from other diseases and the TMJ specialist has diagnosed you, then you can proceed with the treatment options for TMJ pain.



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