Cheapest TMJ Pain Treatment For Adults

You now know that the cause of your jaw and facial pain is TMJ. But the more prominent problem is the cost of TMJ treatment. We all know that anything that relates to dental procedures is expensive. Therefore, one need to know the cheapest TMJ treatment available in the market. Of course, there are some dentists and chiropractors who can help. But you should also find some alternative treatments.


Some of the basic alternative treatments for TMJ are exercises, pain relievers and massages. Of course, the side effects of such are unknown but usually, the results are temporary pain relief. In order to treat TMJ thoroughly, a visit to a dentist is recommended.

Cheap TMJ Treatment

Treating TMJ pain lies mainly on aligning your jaw. This way, you can set free the nerves from severe compression. The cause of TMJ is the application of pressure on the nerves in the jaw joint. Usually, this is cause by a misaligned teeth in the upper and lower parts of the mouth. It is called a bad bite so dental malocclusion happens.

The only way to reduce the pain and align the jaw is by using a dental splint. This is a custom instrument that will force your jaw to align properly for 6 months. It is expensive but you can always find a doctor to give you discounts. Usually, dentists will offer great packages and installment plans.

For example, you can get monthly therapy for your jaw which includes massages, free cleaning and even some additional tools to make your bite better. In this way, you can save on a few dollars for the treatment.

On the other hand, another cheaper TMJ treatment is by using a ready made mouth guard. It is the same as using a dental night mouth guard but this may not be customized according to your bite. If your TMJ condition is not severe, this may work especially those who have bruxism or night grinding. Take note that night guards are not custom fit. So you also need to consult a dental expert.

TMJ Pain Medicine Treatment

The side effect of TMJ is severe pain. It could run from the sides of the head, the face with numbness, tingling in the neck and shoulder and even pain in the hips. In this case, one can easily relieve the pain using pain killers which are available over the counter.

On the other hand, warm compress and gentle massages in the jaw joint may temporarily help. This is a good option especially if you cannot wait for another day to visit a dentist. You may also do simple exercises to help alleviate the pain. Open and close your mouth gently doing it at least three times a day.

The cheapest TMJ treatment is not hard to find as long as you talk with a dentist. Just ask about the basic rates and request for help on how you can pay conveniently.



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