Dental Splint For TMJ Disorder

A person who has TMJ pain or malocclusion should learn how to wear a dental splint. Usually, people who have this condition will experience varying degrees of pain, and no one would like it to last.


In the case of dental malocclusion and TMJ disorder, one way to alleviate pain, and probably correct the bad bite, is by wearing dental splint for TMJ. Most of these dental appliance are available from dentists but you could also buy them online.

What is Malocclusion?


Dental malocclusion happens when you have a misaligned set of upper and lower teeth. This is probably due to genetics or dental records, say for example a gap when you had tooth extraction in the past. When this happens, the entire jaw may not align right to the upper part of the mouth, therefore you will have bad bite, resulting to some pain.

What is TMJ disorder?

TMJ disorder and TMJ pain arises when you have a bad bite. The jaw line is no longer aligned correctly. Therefore, the jaw joint just beside your ears will have difficulty in movements. This pressure, compression and difficulty will irritate the nerves in the same region, causing pain, numbness and limitations in jaw movement.

What is A Dental Splint for TMJ?

The dental splint is made of synthetic material which you need to bite for about six months. The splint serves as a guide for your mouth so that you have a correct bite. Dental splints are available from most dental stores and clinics. However, it is best that you also have your mouth checked by a dentist.

Some dentists could give you a custom dental splint. This is actually the start of a TMJ disorder treatment. You will be given a cast and a splint will be mold on it. Therefore, the bite will be custom made just for you. Still, you can find some branded dental splints online which are ready to use.

Dental Splint for Night Grinding

There are also some other purposes of dental splint. This is to prevent night grinding. The splint that you wear will prevent any grinding while you are sleeping. This scenario will lead to enamel fading and breaking of teeth. Moreover, grinding will aggravate the pain that you are experiencing with TMJ.

,h2>What is the Cheapest TMJ Dental Splint?

There are so many brands to choose from. All you need is to choose the mold that you think will fit to your needs. Moreover, it is a good thing to consult your dentist when you are about to use a dental splint for TMJ.



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