How To Detect Prostate Cancer Early

Most cancers are actually treatable and curable if they are detected early. During the early stages of prostate cancer, the tumor has not yet spread over distant organs.


Therefore, one could easily categorize the cancer ranging from stage 1 to stage 3 cancers. However, the real early stage of cancer is considered at stage 1. Therefore, it would be a good thing if one knows the warning signs of prostate cancer earlier.

Early Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer

Usually, cancers may lead to other benign symptoms in the body. In this case, the more common ones are weight loss. Any man who have suddenly dropped weight in as little as 7-14 days should be alarmed. This is especially true if the conditions happens without trying, no dieting or no exercises. When a person loses his weight with no apparent reason, suspicion should be made. Cancers are notorious in reducing one’s body weight.

Another sign of early prostate cancer is pain when urinating. It can be a pain in the lower abdomen or at the lower back. When a man urinates, he will feel pain within the reproductive regions. It could also lead to extreme pain in the testicles, penis and belly button.

If a man urinates frequently at night, it could also be a sign of prostate cancer. There is always incontinence among men who have prostate cancer. This could be due to swelling in the prostate gland or an infection associated with the cancer.

Treatment for Early Prostate Cancer

It is possible to undergo treatment for prostate cancer. The prognosis is very good once the detection is made early. The doctor could simply remove the tumor from the gland. In other cases, a PSA test should be done first in order to confirm there is cancer. This is done even before a surgery. Otherwise, the doctor may request for an ultrasound of the prostate to see the extent and size of the tumor.



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