Stabbing Pain In The Cheeks Due To TMJ

TMJ Pain is the leading cause of stabbing pain in the cheeks. It can run from several days to weeks. Usually, the stabbing pain is short but will come without warnings. The main reason why this happens is the nerve compression in the jaw joint. That is why many patients look for a solution for stabbing cheeks by undergoing treatments. TMJ treatments may not be for everyone but they can give great results.


Common Stabbing Pain in the cheeks

People who experience the symptom report of a poking pain in the cheek bone areas. This is very painful especially when it just comes suddenly. In some cases, cold and warm temperature may trigger the pain. However, there are also mouth and jaw movements that may trigger it.

TMJ disorder and stabbing pain in the cheeks

When you have TMJ disorder, the nerves in the jaw joint are irritated. This happens when you try to move your jaw. The lubricating cushion in the joint is gone because of dental malocclusion. This is the condition when you have “bad bite”. The teeth in the upper and lower sets are not aligned properly. Therefore, the jaw is forced to become misaligned. Due to this misalignment, the nerves in the jaw joint are irritated.

The resulting stabbing cheek pain is due to irritation in the nerves. It can also have other symptoms like one sided headache, stabbing pain in the forehead and eyes, numbness in the chin and lips and pain in the neck and shoulders. TMJ disorder can be tough to diagnose.

Treatments For Stabbing Pain in the Cheeks

Of course the real treatment to address is the TMJ pain. One should know how to find remedies for TMJ pain because it is the source of the other symptoms. You can visit a dentist to help you get a custom dental splint. You need to bite this splint for at least six months to realign your jaw. Afterwards, you have an option to get dental braces to permanently correct your bite.

Meanwhile, there are temporary treatments for TMJ pain that causes stabbing cheeks. You can get a dental mouth guard that are generic in nature. However, they are not that reliable because they can only give temporary relief. You can also take some anti inflammatory medicines like Ibuprofen or pain relievers like Mefenamic Acid, which are available over the counter. Still, you need to know if these drugs have side effects on you or if you have allergic to them.



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