Colonoscopy – Procedures And Cost

People who may need to have proper diagnosis of colon cancer should undergo colonoscopy. This procedure is the same as endoscopy only that it is done in the rectum instead of the mouth. This way, the doctor will be able to find any polyps in the colon that could turn into colon cancer.

What is Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy is a procedure to see the insides of the colon (large intestine). This procedure is very similar to endoscopy where one needs to visually see the inside of the stomach.

With colonoscopy, the large intestine is seen through a camera which then sends live images to a monitor. This way, the doctor will see if there are any potential tumors inside the colon.

Colonoscopy Procedure

colonoscopy procedure

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There are only a few basic preparation steps when it comes to having colonoscopy. The doctor may first advise you to limit your food intake the night before the procedure.

You may also be given laxative in order to flush out the fecal matter from your digestive tract. This will make it easier for the colonoscopy tube to enter the rectum.

Colonoscopy Preparation

As mentioned, there is little colonoscopy preparation needed. All you need to do is to relax and let the doctor do the course of the procedure. Any discomforts that you will feel should be mentioned right away.

Is colonoscopy painful? The pain is tolerable and it will only involve some mild heaving of the the lower abdomen. The doctor will put plenty of lubricants in order to have a smooth colonoscopy procedure. If you feel any extreme discomfort, tell your physician.

Colonoscopy Cost

How much is colonoscopy? The colonoscopy cost will depend on a few factors. The price range may be realized according the hospital, the doctor’s fee and the facility and instruments involved. A basic colonoscopy procedure in a hospital could cost up to $500. However, this is just an average price for colonoscopy. You need to ask for a quote from your doctor.

Colonoscopy Side Effects

There are no side effects of colonoscopy. In fact, there is almost zero downtime because this is not a surgery at all. You can easily go home and do any activities after the procedure. However, there are instances when the procedure may need actual surgery.

There are colonoscopy instruments that includes a cutter on top of the camera. Once a polyp is found, the doctor may immediately proceed with cutting out the polyp. Therefore, there is no need to invasive or repeated procedure. This cutter is optional and you may ask your doctor about it.

Non invasive colonoscopy

Colonoscopy is not considered an invasive type of medical procedure. It may look invasive because of the instrument insertion but in reality it is not. This is just a simple test and diagnosis in order to find out if colon polyps are present in the digestive tract.

Doctor for Colonoscopy

What kind of doctor should I ask for a colonoscopy? A gastroenterologist is the best doctor for any conditions related to the digestive system. You may also consult a general practitioner first if you are not ready with the procedure. In any case, you would be able to save time and money if you will go directly to a specialist for anything that relates to digestive organs.

Colonoscopy Insurance Coverage

Is colonoscopy covered by insurance policies? We have to admit that colonoscopy is expensive. Therefore, having an insurance policy covering the cost will be a relief. An average cost of colonoscopy in the US is around $1000. However, most health insurance will not cover the procedure right away. Your doctor’s recommendation may help.

If he will regard the procedure as a preventive screening, then insurance policies may cover them. However, if it is regarded as a simple diagnostic procedure, then you have to pay the full amount of the procedure. Ask your doctor how he can help.

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