Frequent Dizziness – A TMJ Disorder Symptom

Dizziness may have different underlying causes. However, one possible cause is TMJ disorder. Most people do not realize that they have problems with their jaw joint. This may result to different symptoms which can be scary and uncomfortable. In this post, we will give you info on dizziness due to TMJ disorder.


What is TMJ Disorder?

This is a joint disorder that affects the jaw. The joint is located beside the ears which is also a place where nerves are embedded. A TMJ disorder is usually hard to diagnose because the related symptoms are very similar to other diseases. Therefore, one should first consult a doctor on other fields before seeking medical attention for TMJ pain.

Dizziness Due to TMJ Disorder

One classic symptom of TMJ pain is dizziness. The person may feel nauseous and dizzy. There may be some accompanying symptoms including but not limited to:

  • Numbness in the face
  • Pulling pain in the neck and shoulders
  • One sided headaches
  • Pain when opening the mouth

Take note that dizziness may have multiple sets of possible causes. They may include other grave diseases. Therefore, it is best that you consult a doctor before assuming that you have TMJ pain. Usually, TMJ pain diagnosis should be the last resort if doctors cannot seem to find a health condition related to your symptom.

Treatments for Dizziness Due To TMJ

Treating your dizziness due to TMJ means addressing the cause of the symptom. If you have been diagnosed with TMJ disorder, the doctor or dentist will provide you treatment options.

A dental splint may be recommended for your condition. You could wear this for about 6 months until your jaw line aligns better. Afterward, you have the option to install braces so you could maintain good jaw line position.

There are also some treatment therapies for jaw pain. You could consult a local physical therapist to learn more about this treatment. Anyway, it may also be included in the treatment package that an orthodontist may recommend you.



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