TMJ Treatment For Pregnant Women

Some dental procedures are not recommended for people with ailments or being pregnant. However, TMJ treatment options are necessary to give a person comfort when biting. Therefore, even pregnant women should consult a TMJ specialist to find out if they could undergo treatment procedures.


Is TMJ Treatment Advisable To Pregnant Women?

First of all, pregnant women are usually very sensitive with any types of medical procedures. This will include dental treatments and related things. However, only a dentist or an orthodontist may be able to evaluate the patient’s condition.

Second, the patient should evaluate whether she could handle the procedures since some of them may involve discomfort. A TMJ treatment could mean tooth extraction in some parts of the mouth, wearing of dental splint and installation of braces after 6 months.

Is It Dangerous For Pregnant Women?

Most of the time, the pain can be treated using pain relievers. However, severe conditions may already require simple surgery and extraction. Therefore, it is better to have your OB Gyne checked your health status before undergoing TMJ treatment.

What Doctor Should Be Consulted?

Apart from your gynecologist, you may consider talking to an orthodontist and dental practitioner. This way, you can have many options in treating your TMJ disorder. Some pain relievers may not be recommended by a doctor so you need to ask him first when taking any  medications.



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