Dental Problems Lead To TMJ Pain Syndrome

Most of the time, dental problems can lead to TMJ pain. This is due to the misaligned teeth or dental malocclusion that forces the jaw to have a misaligned position. Therefore, the nerves in the jaw joint may become irritated causing the pain. Most of the time, the dental conditions can be treated with proper care.


Can Crooked Teeth Lead To TMJ Pain?

A crooked teeth usually happens in the front of the oral cavity. On the other hand, TMJ pain usually arises from the gaps in the molars because they are nearer the jaw joint. In any case, a misaligned tooth, no matter where it may be located, can lead to misaligned jaw.

What Is The Best TMJ Dentist?

A dentist can diagnose your TMJ condition. However, orthodontists are specialists when it comes to bones and teeth of course. You may choose any of these professionals to look after your TMJ condition.

Dental Fillings For TMJ Pain

Some people with dental or teeth gaps may be more prone to TMJ symptoms. Therefore, one good approach is to have a dental filling or dentures from an extracted tooth.



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