How To Reduce TMJ Pain

Reducing TMJ pain requires simple things to do. However, if you are having pain that prevents you from doing your regular chores, you may need to find treatment services. In the case of mild TMJ pain, there are ways that you can do to reduce the symptoms of pain.


What Causes TMJ Pain?

Usually, the pain comes from the irritated nerves in the jaw joint. This is possible when you have dental malocclusion which basically means misaligned set of teeth. The jaw joint is forced to put pressure on the nerves, causing pain and numbness in the face.

At home you can reduce your TMJ pain by doing any of the following:

  • Gentle opening and closing of the mouth
  • Massages in the jaw joint area
  • Applying warm compress in the jaw joint area
  • Chewing slowly the foods that you eat
  • Taking pain relievers like Mefenamic Acid

How To Cure TMJ Pain

TMJ pain is not a disease but a condition of your jaw joint and teeth. One needs to undergo proper diagnosis because TMJ pain also has similar symptoms compared to other diseases. Therefore, you should first consult a doctor to address your pain.

Treatment Options For TMJ Pain

Once a doctor has confirmed that you have TMJ syndrome, there are many ways to treat it. The following are the most common procedures that you can decide on:

  • Using dental splint for TMJ pain
  • Getting braces installed in crooked teeth
  • Physical therapy for TMJ
  • Surgery for TMJ pain

If you have severe pain, you should consult a medical specialist to properly diagnose your condition. If it is due to TMJ syndrome, an orthodontist can help you.



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