Are There Difference in HIV Symptoms in Young Adult Straight Men And Gay Men?

Most doctors would say that it would be unreliable to simply identify the symptoms of HIV. This is due to the fact that HIV symptoms are very similar and overlap most of the time to that of any other symptoms of other diseases. Therefore, experts recommend that an individual undergoes an HIV test or HIV screening in order to know the status of his health.

Symptoms of HIV In Straight Young Adult Men

There are no specific symptoms that can be associated exclusively with HIV. Even the gender or sex of the person does not predict entirely the symptoms of the virus. The most appropriate way to find out if you have infection is to undergo rapid HIV test screening of the blood.

Moreover, straight and gay men alike who are infected with HIV will not have any effect on the kind of symptoms they will have.

Symptoms of HIV in Gay Men

Being gay, bisexual or straight does not matter when it comes to HIV symptoms. The body initially fights off the virus when it infects the bloodstream. There have been reports that the initial symptoms are very much like having a severe flu. However, people have different responses to infections so one may not experience the symptoms as the others. It is recommended that you talk with your doctor if you have any concerns regarding your health especially if you are worried about HIV.

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