Can HIV Be Transferred From Used Clothing Shirts Pants and Underwear?

HIV is only known to be transmitted through sexual intercourse, mother to child through breastfeeding, blood transfusion and sharing needles of syringes. Inanimate objects like used clothing cannot transmit HIV because experts agree that the virus dies once taken outside of the human body.


Can Dry Semen in Briefs Transmit HIV – Sharing Underwear

HIV is only known to be transmitted through sex, needle sharing and mother to baby breastfeeding. The use of underwear of other people may pose a risk for other infections. However, HIV cannot survive long outside of the human body.

Can I get infected from dried blood on penis on clothes? Any dried fluids on clothes cannot transmit HIV because the virus is thought to have been long dead outside of the human body. Therefore, this situation is not considered a risk for HIV infection according to experts.

Dry Vaginal Fluid Can It Transmit HIV?

Underwear with dry secretions may transmit other diseases. HIV is only known to be transmitted in the mentioned scenarios before.

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