Causes of Cold Penis Sensation in the Shaft – Cold Penis Numbness

It is quite common for hands and feet to feel those cold sensation. However, men also have a symptom that is similar to having a cold penis shaft. There may be some causes that needs to be addressed when this thing happens to you. If you have feelings of numbness and cold sensation in the penis head or shaft, it is time to consult a doctor.


Symptoms of Cold Penis Shaft

You may have different symptoms in different times. However, some of the most common feelings are:

Coldness in the penis shaft

Cold and numbness in the penis

Cold penis head and balls

Cold sensation in the penis base

Cold feeling in the pubic area

Cold sensation and numb in the scrotum

Causes of Cold Penis Shaft

A cold sensation in the penis may be due to an STD. If you have other symptoms like bleeding, pus in the penis or discharge, you need to consult a doctor.

On the other hand, neuropathy may also lead to cold sensation in the penis head and shaft.

Meanwhile, it is also possible that you have an impinged nerve which may lead to numbness in the penis.

Treatment for Cold Penis Shaft

You need to consult a doctor first to know more about your condition. This way, it would be faster to find a solution to your problem.



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