Causes of Cold Vaginal Opening – Cold Sensation in Vagina

Women who may experience different sensations in the vaginal opening may have various health conditions. Usually, the sensation can be felt on the skin but it could also be felt inside the vagina. However, the good thing is you can easily have this checked by your doctor if it worries you a lot.

Possible Causes:

Vaginal Cancer

Yeast Infection

Cold Sensation in Vaginal Opening

A cold sensation in the vagina could indicate sensory problems. Some people may have a pinched nerve along the lumbar are or the pelvic region. However, it is also possible to interpret cold feeling as a numbness. If you have numbness in the vagina opening, you should consult a doctor.

Another possible cause of a cold vagina opening is STD. It could be a cold or burning sensation in the opening of the vagina or the clitoris. It is therefore important to find other symptoms like foul smelling discharge, redness, bleeding and other worrisome conditions.

Women who are reaching the stage of menopause could also have cold sensation in the vagina or even a numb vagina region. This means that the hormones are changing inside the body and could lead to different sensations. One should undergo a test from an expert doctor to know the current condition of her body.

Symptoms of Cold Vagina

Cold sensation in the opening of the vagina

Numbness in the vagina flaps

Numb and tingling sensation in the vagina

Cold sensation inside the vagina

Numb and stinging sensation in the vagina

You need to be evaluated by a doctor if you have other symptoms related to your vagina.

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