HIV Signs and Symptoms – What You Should Know

People who think that they may have been exposed to HIV tend to overthink about the disease. Most of them will start panicking and will be consumed with anxiety. However, experts and doctors alike agree that symptoms of the body are very unreliable indicators of HIV infection. The reason is that symptoms of HIV are usually very similar to symptoms of hundreds of other diseases. Therefore, it may be hard to know the status of the person unless he or she undergoes an HIV blood test.

What Are The Symptoms of HIV?

As we have mentioned before, symptoms are very unreliable indicator of HIV. The only way to find out if you have been infected is to undergo an HIV blood test. Doctors may recommend this test after a three month window period after the exposure. Symptoms may vary including but not limited to headaches in HIV, flu like symptoms, rashes, body aches.

In some cases, the window period may be shorter or longer depending on the person’s lifestyle. If you think you have been exposed to HIV, it is best to undergo testing.

Rapid HIV Testing Kit at Home

Some of these kits are now available so you can do a test at your home.

HIV Treatment

In case a person has been infected with HIV, there are many ways to still live a long and productive life. Anti-retroviral drugs are widely available which can control the virus. Moreover, good lifestyle with proper diet and exercise will let a person live a happy life.

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