Is Daily Headaches A Symptom of HIV Infection

Headache is usually a condition that can be treated with over the counter medicines. However, some people may ask if headaches everyday could be a symptom of HIV. There are no guarantees that symptoms are due to an HIV infection. Many specialists and doctors would only confirm an infection through blood testing.


Therefore, one should not relate daily headaches to HIV infection because symptoms are very  unreliable when it comes to HIV. Many experts believe that the only way to find out your HIV status is to get tested.

How Painful is HIV Related Headaches?

As we have mentioned before, the only way to know if you are HIV positive is to undergo blood testing. Doctors agree that symptoms of the body are very unreliable indicators of HIV infection because they are very similar to other health concerns and diseases.

A Headache Due to HIV

It would be very difficult to isolate a headache simply because of HIV. One should consult a doctor in order to get proper diagnosis. In this case, it is also important a person knows his or her HIV status so it is possible to get treatment earlier.

How Does HIV Headache Feels Like?

Headaches alone can be painful and debilitating. It is not wise to attribute severe headache to HIV infection because most symptoms will reflect that of other diseases. Make sure to consult your doctor for this matter.

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