How To Avoid Cancer Naturally With Foods

A lot of people are diagnosed with different types of cancers. However, there are some ways that you can do to prevent it especially that you have the option to use foods to boost your resistance to the disease. While there are no actual foolproof ways to prevent cancer, one can lessen the risks through eating the right kinds of foods and avoiding those that are considered carcinogens.


What Foods Can Prevent Cancer?

There is a list of foods that prevent cancer of any types. However, some of them may be available only to reduce your risks. In any case, high quality and natural foods to avoid cancer is the best way to go.

List of Foods to Prevent Cancer

  • Fruits – grapes, apples, pineapple, kiwi, mango, papaya, watermelon
  • Vegetables – lettuce, nuts, carrots, string beans, leafy vegetables, spinach
  • Foods rich in Vitamin C
  • Foods rich in fiber
  • Foods rich in antioxidants – tea, coffee (drink in moderation)

What Foods to Avoid to Prevent Cancer

A lot of processed foods are considered to be risks for developing cancer. These foods underwent processes that may be harmful to one’s health. Artificial flavorings and coloring as well as artificial ingredients are usually not recommended.

Exercises to Do to Prevent Cancer

Technically, any forms of exercises can help you reduce your cancer risk. A good cardiovascular activity with some strength and aerobic exercises will be beneficial for the body. Some of the best known exercises to make you fit include:



Brisk Walking

Weight training


Natural Foods for Cancer Treatment

If one is diagnosed with cancer, he or she should be diligent enough to always consult with an oncologist to make treatments successful. However, there are some natural foods that can boost your immune system so that you can take the side effects of cancer treatments. The same foods like fruits and vegetables are the very source of natural nutrients for cancer treatment. While these foods do not actually treat or cure cancer, they are best for you to build your immune system.

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