Is Nerve Test Painful? – How To Prepare for NCS Test

Do you have those numbness in different parts of the body? Are having some difficulty walking or weakness in the arms and legs? If you have been having these symptoms, you may be suffering from nerve damage or related disease. However, it is only possible to confirm this diagnosis once you undergo a nerve text or NCS test.


NCS or Nerve Conduction Study in simpler term is a test that looks for possible delay in nerve conduction that results to different symptoms. It checks whether your nerves and the muscles function properly. The test looks for possible interruptions or delay in relaying electrical impulses to the nerves.

The nerve test or NCS EMG will try to address the following symptoms:

Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms

Spinal Cord Damage Symptoms

Lumbar Herniated Disc Symptoms

Symptoms that relate to :

  • Numbness
  • Tingling sensation
  • Burning sensation on the skin
  • Muscle weakness
  • Balance problems
  • Twitching muscles

How Long Does Nerve Test Take

It depends on the number of limbs to be tested. For the most part, a single limb will be tested for about 15 minutes. If your doctor will test all limbs from arms to legs, it may take up to one hour.

What Preparation To Do For NCS Nerve Test

There is no major preparation for the NCS EMG nerve test. However, many technicians recommend that you do not drink or consumer caffeine prior to the test.

Cost of Nerve Test

Different hospitals have different costs of EMG test and NCS test. Usually, it depends on the limb to be tested and how many of them. You may ask your local hospital if they can be used with an insurance for nerve test or a medicard for nerve test NCS/EMG.

Is Nerve Conduction Test Painful?

One common question of patients is that Is Nerve Test Painful? At some point it is. This is true especially when you will be testing the bigger muscle groups like the thighs and the forearm. However, some parts are tolerable like those that run through the fingertips.

What Does Nerve Test Diagnose?

The test intends to support a diagnosis on spine problems. If you have pinched nerves anywhere in the body that is supplied by the spinal cord, then you might have problems like numbness, weakness, imbalance or other related symptoms about motion and sensations.

How Is Nerve Test Performed?

How is NCS EMG performed? In the first test, you an electric shock will be applied to different points of your arms and legs. It will test whether your muscles will respond by twitching or contracting. In the second test like EMG, thin needles will be inserted in various points of your body to check for electrical signal abnormalities.

When Will the Result of Nerve Test Come Out?

You may  need to wait from 24 hours to a week before you can get the official result of your test.



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