Natural Foods To Prevent Colon Cancer – Foods For Cancer Prevention

Naturally, one would like to avid the dreaded colon cancer. If you are worried about this disease or if you have family history of it, your best bet would be to eat natural foods to prevent colon cancer. Many people are not aware of the influence of foods to our overall health. Therefore, a good way to prevent cancer is by eating the right foods.


What Fruits To Eat To Prevent Colon Cancer?

Technically, there are no foods that can help you prevent or avoid colon cancer. Rather, you can eat some foods that may reduce your risk of getting colon cancer.

Most of the time, experts would recommend that one eat fruits rich in fiber. This way, fiber can help in reducing the risk of having colon cancer.

Vegetables To Avoid Colon Cancer

As with the fruits, eating vegetables rich in fiber may also reduce your colon cancer risk. Some of them include:

Green leafy vegetables

Vegetables with fiber husks


What Foods To Eat If You Have Colon Cancer

If you have been diagnosed with colon cancer, you need to talk to your doctor first about your diet. If there was a surgery, you might need to control your food intake based on your condition. Ask your doctor first on what foods to avoid if you have colon cancer.

What Foods Increase Colon Cancer Risk?

Any foods that are considered to have carcinogens should be avoided. However, there are some foods that may increase the risk of having colon cancer:

  • Foods with artificial flavorings
  • Red meat
  • Processed foods
  • Foods that are smoked
  • Grilled foods on charcoal

You need to have a healthy and clean diet to avoid colon cancer altogether. Make sure to follow the recommendation of your doctor if you already have the disease.




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