Smelly Odor In Butt Crack With Moist – Causes And Treatment

Are you having that moist buttcrack sensation? If you have the smelly odor that usually comes from a wet butt crack, you might want to find the cause whether it is a skin infection or anything related to hemorrhoids. Usually, people with this symptom may have problems related to infections like yeast, tinea versicolor or simply due to sweat. If you have this condition, let us take a look at some possible treatment.


Possible Causes:

Yeast Fungal Infection


Symptoms Related To Smelly Odor Between But Cheeks

If you have a smelly odor in between butt cheeks, you may have the following related symptoms:

Smelly odor in between buttcrack

Foul smell in between butt cheeks

Sweaty odor in the butt

Itchy and smelly odor in the butt cheek

Causes of Butt Cheek Odor

The middle part of the butt cheeks where the anus is home to different bacteria. If you have been having sweaty butt crack, chances are you will also have an odor that is damp and itchy.

Some of the possible causes of butt cheek smell may include:

  • Yeast infections
  • Hemorrhoid
  • Infection in the gut
  • Bacterial infection in the anus
  • Excessive sweating in between butt crack

What Doctor to Consult?

You may want to talk to a gastroenterologist if you have concerns with your digestive system. Since the butt area and the anus is still a part of it, you may consult your doctor about odors and foul smells. However, if you suspect that the odor is on the skin, you may want to consult a dermatologist.

Treatment at Home

Sweat is one of the most common causes of odors in any part of the body. This of course includes the butt area. If you could reduce the amount of sweat, then you could also reduce bacterial growth. Some of these home remedies could help with a foul smell in your butt:

Using breathable underwear

Avoid sitting for a long time

Avoiding foods that can make you sweat

Checking with your doctor if you are menopausal




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