What Causes Eyelids To Go Cold? – Cold Sensation in the Eyelids

Many people may experience having a cold symptom somewhere in the limbs. Do you have those cold eyelid symptoms? If you do, let us discuss some of the possible causes of such medical condition. Usually, the surface of the skin gets that cold sensation when there is an impinged nerve. However, a cold feeling may also be felt on the top of the eyelids.


What Symptoms Do Cold Eyelids Have?

The following may be felt on the eyelids:

Cold sensation in the eyelids when closing the eyes

Cold feeling in the eyelids when waking

Cold sensation in the eyelids when blinking

Cold eyelids without pain

Cold eyelids without eye redness

Cold eyelids with blurred vision

What Causes Cold Eyelid Sensation

Anytime a cold sensation is felt on the skin there is a possibility that a nerve is involved. Some of the possible causes of cold sensation, burning sensation and numbness or tingling may be due but not limited to:

  • Pinched nerve
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Brain tumor
  • Stroke
  • Seizure
  • Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia

What Treatment is Good for Cold Eyelids?

Treating the cause of cold sensation in the eyelids should come from a doctor. This way, proper diagnosis will be given to the patient. In most cases, the cause of the symptom will lead to a good treatment option. Some people who have chronic numbness in the eyelids may be due to a nerve entrapment somewhere in the head.

On the other hand, some factors like stress and anxiety could also lead to unusual sensations in different parts of the body.

Doctor To Consult For Eyelid Cold Sensation

If you can interpret the sensation to be numb eyelids, then you need to consult a neurologist. This way, the problems with the nerves will be addressed properly. On the other hand, if there are sensations like itching and swelling, you might want to consult an ophthalmologist or a dermatologist.



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