What Causes Groin Numbness And Scrotum Pain

Are you having pain in the balls? How about pricking numbness sensation in the groin area? If you are a man and having these symptoms, it could be due to a nerve damage somewhere in your lumbar area. However, it is best to consult your doctor first since diagnosis is only done by a medical doctor. In any case, let us take a look at why your have groin numbness and pricking sensation in the groin area.


Symptoms of Pricking Sensation in the Groin

The groin area is also a pathway of the nerve that comes from the spinal cord. However, it could also be exposed to other injuries within the pelvic region.

Numbness in the groin area when walking

Tingling sensation in the groin

Pricking sensation in the groin

Pain in the groin and scrotum

Radiating pain from the groin to the scrotum

What Causes Groin Pricking Sensation?

A nerve that is irritated in the lumbar area may lead to pricking sensation from the buttocks to the groin to the legs. This is a possible cause of herniated disc. However, you should only confirm this with a doctor and never self medicate.

Some possible causes of pricking sensation in the groin and scrotum may include:

Herniated disc in the lumbar

Injury in the pelvic bone

Prostate cancer

Testicular cancer


It is very important that you consult your doctor if you have this sensation for a long time. Numbness in the groin together with pricking sensation is uncomfortable. Visit your doctor today for proper diagnosis.




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