Scary Cloudy Eyes Vision – What Causes My Eyes To Have Web Objects

Are you having those cloudy eyes in the morning? How about those web creeping objects in your line of vision? Usually, people who are astigmatic have these symptoms. However, cloudy eye symptoms may also be due to a certain eye disease called cataract. If you are worried, make sure to consult your doctor right away.

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What Are Cloudy Eye Vision Symptoms?

People have different descriptions of their cloudy eyes. It may include any of the following

Sticky cloudy eyes

Pain in the eyes with cloud vision

Blurry vision with web like objects

Small creeping black object in the vision

Cloudy eyes on the surface

Thick cloud in the vision of the eyes

Why Do I Have Cloudy Eyes?

One possible cause could be cataract. This condition affects the top layer of the eyes in the surface. On the other hand, conjunctivitis may also be a problem which is usually termed as sore eyes. You may produce thick mucus in the eyes which will lead to clouded vision.

In some cases, the objects in the vision that looks like bacteria may be due to a tear in the retina. This is usually termed as floating objects in the eyes that is hard to follow. They are usually called floaters.

Floaters should be checked by a doctor once in a while so that possible retina tear will be prevented. In some cases, an irritant is all the cause of a clouded eye vision which will also lead to infections. You may have redness in the inside of the eyes, itchiness in the surface of the eyes or some mucus in the eyes.

Treatment for Cloudiness in the Eyes Vision

You need to consult your doctor first to know if there are available eye drops for eye cloudiness. You should have it checked by an ophthalmologist just to be sure. In most cases, the cause of the clouded eye vision are due to foreign matters. However, you need to have it consulted with a doctor if the symptoms have become chronic or lasted for about a day or two.

Do I Need Eyeglasses if I Have Cloudy Eyes?

You need to have your eyes checked by an ophthalmologist who will then measure your vision. If he finds anything unusual about your clouded vision, he may offer treatments.

Cloudy Eyes When Waking Up in the Morning

It is possible that you simply have those mucus produced during your sleep. This also happens when the temperature is low.


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