Why Do I Have Cold Tongue Symptoms?

You may be having a cold tongue right now and you want to know the cause. Many people who experience cold tongue symptom may be suffering from a nerve damage within the jaw. Sometimes, there are concerns related to the overall health of the person that leads to tongue being cold. In any case, it is best to consult a doctor first to know such cause.

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Symptoms of Cold Tongue Syndrome

A cold tongue may actually be numb in most cases. Some people may translate the sensation as cold but in reality, it is getting numb due to a nerve entrapment. Usually, a person who experience cold tongue and cold mouth have:

Coldness of the tongue when moving

Cold tongue when eating

Cold tongue sensation when talking

Opening the mouth with cold tongue

What Causes Tongue Turning Cold?

One possible cause of a cold tongue may be due to a nerve damage in the jaw. This is possible especially if one recently had a tooth extraction.

On the other hand, it is also possible that a tongue infection is present that leads to coldness in the tongue. Some people may report cold in the tip of the tongue or cold at the back of the tongue. In any case, an infection should be treated promptly.

Is Cold Tongue A Sign of Brain Damage?

Any sensation in the body that is not normal may be attributed to the brain. However, one cannot simply diagnose a condition just because of a symptom. Proper testing and diagnosis is warranted. In this case, only your doctor can tell you what your symptoms are and give possible treatment for your medical condition.


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