Why Do I have Hot Vagina Sensation? – Causes of Hot Inside Vagina

Do you usually experience hot sensation inside the vagina? Most women may have the hot sensation whenever they have infections or when they are reaching menopausal age. However, it is best to know the cause of the hot feeling inside the vagina to get proper treatment. A good OB gynecologist can help in diagnosing he problem. Make sure to consult your doctor right away if you have emergency symptoms such as severe pain inside the vagina or bleeding.


What are the Symptoms of Hot Vagina Sensation?

Women may interpret the sensation differently. However, there are common factors why they seek medical attention. Some of them include:

  • Hot sensation inside the vagina
  • Hot flashes in the vagina when urinating
  • Hot vagina when having sex
  • Warm sensation in vagina when walking
  • Warm inside of the vagina

What Causes Hot Vagina Condition?

There are several possible factors why this could happen. One of which is an infection by STD. There are symptoms of STDs that relate to burning sensation in the vag lips, burning sensation in the clitoris or warm sensation with burning inside the vagina.

On the other hand, there could be a wound inside the vagina that causes the hot sensation. An inflammation inside the vagina or even a yeast infection could also lead to warm feeling.

How to Treat Hot Vagina At Home?

If you have hot vagina outside, it could be due to a skin infection or an STD. Make sure to visit your doctor for proper treatment. However, there are instances when the sensation is felt due to nerve damage or impingement. It could be a damage in the lumbar nerve areas that needs treatment.

What Doctor To Consult for Vagina Problems?

A hot or warm vagina is a concern that can be checked by a gynecologist. You should seek medical assistance if you have symptoms like bleeding, pain, pelvic pain or difficulty urinating or pain during sex.



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