Why Do I Have Plugged Ear Sensation?

Are you having that sensation in the ears that feels like being plugged? Is there a heavy sensation inside the ears? Most of the time, the main cause of this symptom is simply due to a trapped water from swimming. However, there are some medical conditions that could also lead to feeling of a plugged ear.

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What Symptoms Are Associated with Ear Plug Sensation?

You may feel any of the following symptoms is you have this condition:

Ear feels like being plugged

Popping sound inside the ears when opening mouth

Sensation of echo inside the ears

Feels like plugged ear

Feels like trapped air inside the ears

Moist and wet inside ears with trapped air

What Causes Ear Plugged Sensation?

There are certain causes of sensation inside the ears that feels like plugged. One of this is having a trapped water inside the ears. After swimming, you might have trapped water inside which will give you some ear aches overnight if not removed.

On the other hand, an ear infection may also be present if you have chronic plugged ear sensation. This condition usually means that there is an inflammation inside the ears.

You may have additional symptoms like inside of the ear feels swollen, sharp pain inside the ear, leaking fluid inside the ears, itchy inside the ears.

What Treatment is Available for Ear Plug Sensation?

You need to have your ears checked by a doctor. He can see the insides of the ears to identify the cause. Sometimes, patients may also have trapped insects inside the ears or that they could have a foreign objects inside. It is best to have your condition checked by a physician to avoid complications.

Decreased Hearing Sound Due to Plugged Ear

It is possible that you will have decreased hearing due to this condition. You should have your hearing tested by a doctor to see if there are any problems with your ears.

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