Foods To Avoid For Muscle Twitching – What Foods Cause Muscle Twitch

Do you usually have muscle twitching in different parts of the body? You are not alone as thousands of people are also having the same symptom of muscle twitching. In most cases, these are benign conditions. However, you can also find some related conditions that may cause muscle twitches.

Common Symptoms of Muscle Twitching

Twitching in the upper eyelid

Index finger twitching

Twitching in the calf legs

Twitching in the cheek bones

Muscle twitching in the abdomen

Twitching in the breast

Muscle twitching in the toes

Foods To Avoid For Muscle Twitching

There are certain foods that could lead to twitching especially those that are rich in caffeine. Therefore, one way to reduce your symptom is to avoid foods that cause twitching. Caffeine rich foods include the following:

How To Treat Muscle Twitching

You can find some treatments for involuntary muscle twitching by avoiding some caffeine rich foods. Moreover, you can also take those that are rich in Vitamin D as deficiency in such vitamin may also lead to twitching. However, you should consult your doctor if you have these twitching for several days or if you have other symptoms.

What Diseases Are Related to Muscle Twitching

While these conditions are usually benign, there are some diseases that could lead to muscle twitching in various parts of the body. They may include:


Multiple Sclerosis

Strenuous activities

Deficiency in Vitamin D

Parkinson’s Disease

If you have other symptoms like headache, weakness, imbalance or loss of sensation, head to your nearest hospital for proper evaluation as these symptoms usually involve serious health problems.

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