Having Pain in the Wrist When Twisting Motion – Side Wrist Pain When Twisting My Hand

Do you have that pain in the side of the wrist when twisting your hand motion? If you have been lifting barbells and dumbbells, chances are you have a strained wrist which should be treated immediately. However, some types of wrist pain in the sides may be due to carpal tunnel syndrome. It is best to isolate some diseases and medical conditions in order to find the right treatment.


What Causes Wrist Pain When Twisting Movement of the Hands?

When you twist your hand, it need to use the muscle fibers in the wrist. However, if you feel pain in the side of the wrist, you may have torn ligaments or tendons. On the other hand, a simple muscle strain could also be the only cause.

Symptoms of the Wrist Pain

The usual symptoms involve pain that is more evident when you twist your hand. This is always the case when you lifted a barbell in a wrong position. If you have been going to a gym for weight training, then you may have strained the wrist.

On the other hand, some people may have lifted a heavy object improperly. This could also lead to side wrist pain together with numbness and tingling sensation in the wrist.

Wrist pain when moving the hands side to side

Wrist pain when lifting object

Pain in the wrist when using hands

Pain in the side of the wrist

How to Treat Wrist Pain

You can apply a warm compress in the affected area. A simple massage may also be needed. However, do not use excessive pressure and force on those areas as it ma complicate things. You also need to consult a doctor if your pain is severe or if it becomes chronic.

A good Physical therapist for wrist pain can help you. The cost of physical therapy for wrist pain may be expensive but the effects would relieve you from pain in doing your chores.

Exercises and Home Treatment for Wrist Pain

Wrist pain when using hands can be treated with the mentioned methods. However, some people get relief from taking pain medicines like Ibuprofen. Make sure to consult your doctor if you are planning to use this medicine.



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