My Black Mole Is Growing In Size – Is this Skin Cancer?

Do you have a black mole that is growing in size? Usually, any changes in moles could mean skin cancer. However, only a dermatologist can tell if the mole has become cancerous or not so it is important that you have it checked by a doctor.


Why Does My Mole Getting Bigger

One of the primary symptom of skin cancer includes changes in mole size and color. In this case, one should be aware of the dangers of having a growing mall as it may indicate that it has become malignant. This means you need to have it checked by a physician.

Growing Mole Without Pain

A growing mole that is painless does not necessarily mean that it is not dangerous. One should seek medical assistance and consultation to find out whether it is cancerous or not. In some cases, a growing mole could have redness, changed in color, discoloration, black to brown or that it has spread to other parts of the face.

Mole in the Cheeks Getting Bigger

If your cheeks are always exposed to the sun, you need to apply protection against UV rays. These rays are harmful and they usually case cancer in the skin.

Can I Have My Mole Removed?

You should first consult your doctor if your mole is growing or is getting bigger. You can then ask the doctor if you can have it removed. There are mole removal clinics that you can go to to have it safely removed by a dermatologist.

Skin Cancer Treatment for Growing Mole

If your mole is growing bigger, you need to have it removed by a dermatologist after a diagnosis is made. This way, it will not have adverse effects on your health as it may become malignant. Be reminded that you should not attempt to remove your mole on your own or have it removed by a non-professional doctor as it may lead to complications.



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