What is the Cost of Insulin Injection at Home?

How much is the cost of insulin shot? In the past, a monthly insulin cost may range from $50 to $100. However, the increasing prices of insulin shots at home may prompt one to take a healthcare insurance to at least cover the expenses. These days, some insulin injections cost around $200 to $500. In any case, you can ask your doctor about these shots in order to get a better price from pharmacy companies.


Where to Inject Insulin Shots?

There are different locations in the body where you can inject your insulin at home. They include the upper arm, the thighs and the abdomen areas.

Can I Reuse Insulin Syringe Injections?

You will most likely have a higher risk of bacterial infections if you will do this. Try to get a fresh syringe for your different shots.

Is Insulin Injection Covered By Insurance?

Some diabetes conditions may be covered by insurance or health cards. However, the costs of insulin prices may not be covered. You need to find a way to get discount insulin prices for your needs.

What Is The Best Insulin Brand?

There are different brands in the market for your diabetes treatment. However, you should always find the one that is manufactured by a reliable company or anything that will give you discounts. Make sure to ask your doctor about these reliable brands and ask for a referral.

Can I Buy Insulin Online?

There could be some online stores where you can get a directory of pharmacies to buy low cost insulin. You can also find diabetes test strips with lower prices. However, it is important that you only buy your supplies from an actual pharmacy instead of those that are sold online since there is no way you can verify their quality.

What Insulin Brands are Covered By Insurance?

You may only be able to get a cheap insulin shot but usually, they are not covered by an insurance company. Ask your policy source to know more about how they can help you with your diabetes.



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