Why Do I Have Cold Gum Between Teeth – Causes of Gum Cold Sensation

If you have been having cold sensation in one of your gums, you may have some problems with your teeth and underlying areas. Usually, a person who feels coldness in his gums may be experiencing some forms of infection. Gingivitis and even plaque can also cause this problem. However, there are also some conditions that may lead to coldness in the gum areas.


Why Do I Have Cold Gums in Between Teeth?

The gums in the mouth may feel cold if there is a morsel of food in between. Usually, these fragments of foods can get stuck in between teeth that leads to sensation of cold in the gums.

On the other hand, there could be an infection in between the teeth in the area of the gums. If an infection is severe, you may have pain and cold feelings in the gums.

Meanwhile, a cold sensation in the gums could also mean gingivitis or plaque. There could be some pus and other infection related conditions in the gums.

A recent tooth extraction may also be the culprit for a cold gum sensation. If the nerves were damaged, there could be some odd weird sensation in the gum line.

TMJ Syndrome could also lead to gum problems and you may feel coldness in between your teeth.

What Should I Do With Cold Gums?

You can always find a good floss for your teeth if you suspect there is food morsel in between gums. If you frequently have food stuck in between teeth or food stuck inside the gum, you need a good toothbrush and dental floss.

Symptoms of Cold Gum Sensation

  • You may feel your gums to have stuck food in it
  • Cold in the sides of the gums
  • Cold sensation in between teeth
  • Cold and painful gums
  • Coldness in the gums when eating

You need to consult your doctor or dentist if you have bleeding gums with cold sensation.



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