Cold Nipple Sensation in Women and Men – Could It Be Breast Cancer

Do you always feel coldness in the nipples? How about cold areola sensation when you do your daily activities? Most of the time, people who experience pain in the breast area may have some health conditions that are not yet diagnosed. However, these types of pain are usually severe that warrant a visit to the doctor. On the other hand, a cold nipple sensation in women and men could mean a different thing.


What Symptoms Are Associated With Coldness in the Nipples?

There are different sensations one may experience with cold nipples. The following are just some of them:

Coldness in the nipples when stretching

Cold nipples both sides

Cold sensation in the breast and nipples

Cold sensation in the areola in men

Cold and numb nipple area in women

What Causes Cold Nipples?

A cold nipple may simply be due to a skin irritation. If you find some bumps in the nipples and some other skin conditions, it could be the reason. However, some sensation in the nipples with cold, pain and numbness could mean a different thing. If you feel some pain when squeezing the nipples, you need to have it checked with your doctor.

Is Cold Nipple a Sign of Breast Cancer?

The usual symptom of breast cancer involves pain, lump and some discharges from the nipples. You should consult a doctor if you have any of these.




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