Hot Sensation in the Nape Area – Hot Feeling In the Nape With Numbness and Stiffness

Do you always have hot sensation in the nape area? Usually, people who experience some hot and warm sensation in the nape could mean that their blood pressure is rising. However, there are some conditions that may point to hot feeling in the nape. In this case, it is best that you consult with a doctor for proper diagnosis.

What Sensations are Felt in Hot Nape?

A hot nape is all there is to consider as a symptom. In most cases, it could be near the sides of the  neck and on the nape itself. Sometimes, the hot nape could also lead to hot back sensation that may cause irritation.

Some of the most common other symptoms that involve the nape are:

Hot nape on the skin

Warm feeling on the nape when standing

Hot sensation on the nape when sitting

Warm sensation in the nape when moving head

What Causes Hot Sensation in the Nape?

Some possible cause of warm feeling on the nape may include:

Stiff neck


High blood pressure

Nerve entrapment

Is there a home remedy for hot nape?

You may want to do some exercises first but do it in a very gentle way. On the other hand, a chronic sensation of warm nape should be seen by a doctor.

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