Causes of Buzzing Sensation in the Lips – Lip Feels Like Buzzing

Do you have that annoying buzzing sensation in the lips? Chances are you are not alone because this is one common symptom. Usually, a person may feel some twitching and numbness in the lips. However, it could also be translated as a buzzing felling in the upper lip and lower lip.


What Causes Buzzing Sensation in the Lips?

The lips may feel buzzing sensation if you have damaged nerves in the jaw area. Sometimes, it could also be a sign of a degenerative disease. However, some of the possible causes of buzzing lips sensation may include:



Multiple Sclerosis

Dental nerve damage


While these conditions may result to buzz in the lips sensation, it is best to first consult a doctor for proper diagnosis. You can find a good GP for this concern or even a neurologist.

Symptoms of Buzzing Lips Sensation

  • Feels like the upper lip is buzzing
  • Buzzing sensation in the lower lip
  • Buzzing sensation in both lips
  • Lips feels like thick

Remedy for Buzzing Lips

You can have home remedy for buzzing lips if the condition is tolerable. However, make sure to ocnsult a doctor or even a dentist to know more about the possible causes of buzzing lips. Sometimes, it could be a dental problem or even an infection in the oral cavity.



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