Safe OTC Medicine for Gout and Arthritis – What is the Best OTC Medicine for Severe Gout Pain

Do you have pain in the foot joints? You may have gout and it will only be treated with a good medicine. You should always ensure that your uric acid is in the normal levels. Otherwise, you may experience gout for longer periods since it will not be controlled. Is there an OTC medicine for gout?


OTC Medicine for Gout Pain

You can use an anti-inflammatory medicine for gout pain if this is prescribed by a doctor. Do not take any medicines without consulting your doctor first since there are anti-arthritis medicines that could lead to stomach ulcer. Make sure to ask your doctor before taking any OTC medicine for gout pain.

An over the counter medicine for gout pain is available. However, this is usually a combination of more than one medicine which will both address pain and inflammation. On the other, hand, your doctor may require you to follow a strict diet.

Foods to Avoid for Gout Pain

Most of the foods that produce uric acid may need to be avoided. This will help in cleansing your body from excessive uric acid which causes arthritis and gout. Ask your doctor for a home remedy diet for gout.

Is There an Exercise for Gout Pain?

You can do some foot exercises for gout pain when you have a chart for it. Your doctor may give you a guide on what exercises to do at home for gout relief.

Is Gout Pain Covered by Health Insurance?

Some gout related surgeries may be covered by your health insurance. You may inquire about this.



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