Vaginal Twitching Causes – What Causes Twitching in Vagina Muscle

It may sound weird but some women may experience twitching in the vaginal area. The muscles involved in the vaginal opening are sensitive and could sometimes have a sensation of twitching. What is the cause of vaginal muscle twitching in women?


Vaginal Twitching Muscle Causes

You may be surprised to know that many women experience twitching in their vaginal areas. This is usually due to an irritation in the organ and may give a sensation of twitching. Sometimes, women who also have nerve disorders and damage in their spinal cord may experience vaginal twitches.

Symptoms of Vaginal Muscle Twitching

  • You may have sensations like:
  • Twitching in the opening of vagina
  • Muscle twitch sensation in the vagina
  • Vagina feels buzzing vibration

What Is the Remedy for Vaginal Twitches?

You may need to consult your doctor in order to get proper diagnosis. Twitching in the vaginal area is not normal. However, a good OB Gynecologist doctor can help you. Moreover, make sure to consult with a physician if you have other symptoms like bleeding, difficulty in urinating, itching in the vagina and other discharges.



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