What Causes Cold Scalp Sensation in the Head – Why Does My Scalp Feel Cold

Sometimes, you might have that cold sensation on the scalp. While some people do not bother to find out what the cause is, it is important to know the possible health condition. Some people may refer to the cold sensation in the scalp to be numb and tingling. But this should be relative.


What Causes Cold Sensation in the Scalp of the Head?

The cold feeling in the scalp may be a sign of neuropathy. While the head and scalp usually do not have sensations of numbness, it could be due to a number of factors. One possible cause could be diabetic neuropathy.

Some other causes could be:

  • Infection int he scalp
  • Dandruff
  • Neuropathy in the scalp and neck areas
  • Injury in the head

How to Treat Cold Sensation in the Scalp Area?

You may need to refer the problem to the doctor if this condition gets worse. Usually, a symptom that does not go away for a long time requires medical attention.

However, it is also a good idea to monitor the condition of your scalp to see if there are other problems. For example, you may have an injury or wound in the scalp, you may have excessive falling hair or you simply have a different form of headache.

Is Cold Scalp Dangerous with Headaches?

Any types of headaches require that you treat it with possible medication that your doctor has given you. However, it is best to have it treated with the guidance of your physician when taking any medicines. Do not take anything that your doctor has not prescribed you.



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