Causes of Pain When Pressing on Eyes – Sharp Pain Behind the Eyes When Pressing

Have you ever felt some pain behind the eye socket when you press it? Usually, the condition may be due to an inflammation inside the eye socket which should be consulted with an ophthalmologist. However, some of these symptoms may not be serious. Still, you need to consult your doctor if there is a symptom in your eyes that include pain.


What Causes Pain in the Eyes When Pressing?

Inflammation in the tissue structure behind the eyes may be the cause of the pain. Usually, people who accidentally pressed on their eyes may feel stabbing pain, lightning pain or sharp pain behind the eyeballs. This should be seen by a doctor immediately if the pain persists.

Symptoms of Pain When Pressing on Eyes

Pain behind the eyeballs when pressing

Pain when moving the eyes from side to side

Pain when moving the eyes from top to bottom

Pain in the eyes when closing the eyelids

Causes of Pain Behind the Eyes When Pressing

Pressing on the eyes may irritate the structures inside them. This should be taken care of by a doctor. You should not irritate the eyes further by rubbing on them. Make sure to have enough sleep and do not strain your eyes.




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