Why Does the Top of my Stomach Hurts? – Burning Pain on Top of Stomach

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Do you have that burning feeling at the top of the stomach? Most of the time, the pain in the top of the stomach may mean increased acid production. However, it should be consulted with a doctor to find out the exact cause of the pain. If you have been vomiting with blood, bloody stool and difficulty in eating, you should consult a doctor about your pain.

Why Does the Top of my Stomach Hurts?

It could mean different things. However, one should consult a doctor right away if the pain has been going on for several days. If you suspect it is hyperacidity, there are over the counter antacids that you can use. Most digestive problems among men and women could mean an upset stomach. It is important however not to do self treatment and self diagnosis as this could increase your risk of a worsening disease.

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