Feels Buzzing Sensation in the Shaft of Penis – What Causes Penis Buzzing

It may be a disturbing sensation to feel buzzing in the penis shaft. Usually, buzzing sensation on the skin and muscle areas are due to spasms. The tissues in the penis and its connecting muscles could be twitching which may also be translated as buzzing sensation. It may not affect sexual activity or urination but it must be checked by a doctor. Is it HIV Symptom?

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Odd Sensations Felt in the Penis

A man could have the following related sensations in the penis shaft apart from buzzing:

  • Penis muscles feels like moving on its own
  • Buzzing feeling in the penis shaft while soft
  • Buzzing sensation in the penis while erect
  • Numbness in the body of the penis
  • Numb penis head and shaft

What Could be the Cause of Penis Shaft Sensation?

There could be some nerves that have been damaged. It is possible that nerve injuries in the nearby areas could lead to twitching and buzzing feeling on the penis skin.

On the other hand, it is important that you are tested for any sexually transmitted disease. Some people may have various sensations on the penis due to STDs and STIs. Make sure to have a complete profile of your blood sample for anything related to STDs.

Meanwhile, you should also consuilt a neurologist since it could be due to a nerve that is misfiring erratically due to possible damage.


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