Nail Pain When Pressing On It – What Causes Pain in the Nails When Pressing on Fingertips

Have you been having pain under the nails when you press on them? You could have this sensation due in part to a nerve damage or a physical injury. In most cases, pain in then nails are not very serious. However, you should be aware that some symptoms in the fingers could be due to certain cancers, diabetes and even HIV. Is It Diabetes?

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Symptoms of Nail Pain

Pain in the nail of your fingers when pressed may be due to a trauma. If you have been hit by a heavy objects on the fingers, you may experience pain in the nails when pressing them. Some common symptoms are:

  • Pain when pressing the nails
  • Pain under the nails when touching
  • Nail pain when typing
  • Nail pain when using fingers

Causes of Pain in the Nails When Pressing

You could have a damaged tissue under the nails. This is due to a trauma or physical abuse while doing specific tasks. On the other hand, some disease could also lead to nail pain which may include but not limited to lung cancer, blood diseases, sclerosis, neuropathy and more.

What Doctor To Ask for Nail Pain?

You may check with a dermatologist if you suspect that the pain is actually more prominent in the nail or under it.

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