Red Groin Rash In Adults – What Causes It?

Most babies and infants will have groin rashes that can go away with treatment. However, some adults may also have groin rash that can be red and itchy depending on the cause. If you have redness in the groin area, you may be suffering from chronic rash.

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What Causes Groin Rash in Adults?

Usually, this is a problem about friction. If you are overweight, you may have rash in the groin that do not itch. It can be painful with burning sensation.

You may also be allergic to certain underwear materials. Make sure that you choose clothing that are compatible to your skin type.

An itchy groin rash among adults could also mean infection. If you h ave fungal infection like candidiasis or even genital fungal infection, you need to treat it.

Doctor to Ask about Groin Rash

You may consult with a dermatologist to know the treatments for rashes in the groin area.

Other Symptoms of Groin Rash

  • Itchy groin crease
  • Red rashes in the groin area without itch
  • Burning sensation in the groin skin

Make sure to monitor your health about this concern as infections on this area may require treatment.

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