Scary Cold Feeling in the Balls – Why Do My Balls Feel Cold

Men who feel some sort of cold sensation in the scrotum or the balls may have a certain type of infection. However, sensations of temperature on the skin should be evaluated first by a doctor. Most of the time, it could be due to nerves that have been damaged due to an injury. In any case, a cold sensation in the scrotum should be checked. It is HIV Symptom?

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Symptoms of Cold Balls in Men

Men who experience cold sensation on the balls skin may have the following symptoms:

  • Cold skin in the balls
  • Feels like burning sensation in the ball sac
  • Scrotum coldness and pain
  • Balls skin feels cold and numb
  • Numbness in the balls scrotum

What Causes Balls Feeling Cold?

Sensations on the skin may be due to a nerve damage. It could also be due to diabetes which may alter the sensations felt on the skin. However, some types of sexually transmitted disease could lead to a skin sensation such as cold, warm or numbness.

You should have yourself tested for any STDs if you are sexually active. In any case, you should consult a doctor for anything related to your genitals.

Does Cold Balls Lead to Infertility or Impotence?

It is important that you first consult a doctor to know the cause of your symptoms. If you are having difficulty in urinating, ejaculating or having an erection, make sure to set a visit to a doctor.

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