Weird Smell of Pee – What Causes Weird Urine Odor

Why does my pee smell weird? People normally would simply pee and ignore its odor. However, there are some smells that need to be identified as they may be signs of an  underlying disease. For both men and women, the pee odor could simply be the simple urine smell.


What is a Normal Urine with no Disease?

A normal looking pee may be clear or light yellow. However, it depends on the recently consumed drinks or foods as they may affect the color of the urine. With regards to smell, the normal should be light and faint odor.

What are the Smells?

  • Sulfur like odor
  • Rotten egg
  • Coffee odor
  • Metallic smell

What Are The Causes of Weird Urine Smell?

  • One possible cause is food intake. Some foods can affect the color and smell of the urine. For example, eating asparagus, those that produce uric acid, coffee and alcohol can all have weird pee scent.
  • Having an infection like UTI can also affect the odor of the pee.
  • If you are taking any medication like antibiotics, you will find that your pee may have a different smell than normal.

Related Diseases

One could have an abnormal pee smell if he or she has a disease in the liver, kidney or the blood. In this case, it is better to consult a doctor so that certain tests can be done for proper diagnosis.

What Foods and Drinks to Avoid

There are certain foods that can affect the pee quality and smell. If you want to reduce the weird odor, you can cut on foods that result to it. For example, coffee has a very strong presence in the pee.

Is it HIV?

Having HIV infection may only be confirmed with a blood test or a rapid tests in the mouth. An abnormal smell of the pee is not a good symptom indicator that one has HIV. However, advanced HIV or AIDS condition may or may not affect one’s urine.



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