What is the Buzzing Feeling in the Vagina

Some women may experience sensations in the vagina. It can be in the inner part of the cervix or on top of the skin area of the vag lips. However, it is very important to have it checked with a doctor to find out if the symptom is related to a damaged nerve. Sometimes, buzzing and twitching sensation in the muscles are caused by a nerve signal with abnormalities.


How Does it Feel Like?

In the many sensations in the vagina, the buzzing and creeping sensation could be annoying. Women claim to experience a sensation similar to having electrical current running on the vagina skin. In this case, it can be disturbing to have such sensation. Other women may report any of the following symptoms:

  • Feels like buzzing inside the vagina area
  • Tiny creatures sensation creeping in the vag lips
  • Cold sensation with tiny buzzing

What Could Cause Such Condition

In terms of sensation on the skin, it can be both painful, burning or cold. These are some of the classic symptoms of infection especially if you see inflammation on the skin area. However, it is best to see a doctor first for proper diagnosis.

On the other hand, twitching in the vagina and buzzing could mean a nerve has been injured. Some people who have injuries in the lumbar area may experience weird sensations on the lower extremities including the vagina.

On the other hand, a person who lacks certain vitamins could have different sensations on the skin. This is possible if the nutrient is also involved with muscle building, nerve regeneration or bone rejuvenation. You should ask your doctor about it.

Possible Treatment

If you experience any weird discharge in the vagina, pain, bleeding or any other substance coming out from it, you may consult with a gynecologist. On the other hand, twitching vagina with creeping sensation may be consulted with a neurologist for possible diagnosis on nerve damage. At home, there may be no home remedy option for the symptom since it is not recommended to take any medicine without prescription. However, you may first try some light exercises and stretching to see if they help with relieving the symptoms.




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