Why Do I Have Back Sweat Always? – Excessive Sweaty Back Treatment

Do you always have sweaty back all the time? Usually, people who always have excessive back sweat could mean a problem with hormones, skin or even health. However, most of the causes may not be a big concern if they are related to the weather.

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What Causes My Back to Be Sweaty All The Time?

Back sweat could mean differently among men and women. For men, the usual cause is body temperature abnormalities. On the other hand, back sweating in women could mean menopause or hormone imbalances.

Possible causes may include lung problems, cancer, diabetes or even hormone imbalance and menopause.

Home Treatment for Back Sweating

During the morning and day time hours, back sweating may be normal. You can easily apply a thin layer of powder for cooling. Make sure to drink plenty of water to replenish lost fluids.

On the other hand, you can simply reduce foods that cause back sweating and in other body parts. Some foods may cause excessive sweating like spicy foods.

Is there a Doctor for Excessive Sweating?

You may start with a dermatologist to find out possible causes of this condition. However, a GP can easily point you to the cause of the problem when diagnosed properly.




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