Why Do I Have Sweaty Penis All The Time?

The male organ may experience sweaty sensations all throughout the day. In this condition, it is possible ot have infections and bad odor in the area while harboring bacteria on the skin. Usually, men who have sweaty penis shaft could be suffering from a fungal infection.


Why Does My Penis Shaft Sweat Always?

If you have an infection in the penis, you may have that sticky feeling on the skin from the base to the glans. In some cases, the scrotum or the balls may all become sweaty too if the infection spreads. A candidiasis or yeast infection is a possible culprit for this condition.

Do I Need To Check With A Doctor?

You need to consult with a doctor for this problem. A urologist or even a GP can help in identifying the cause of sweaty penis shaft. If you also see some redness, itchiness and burning sensation, you need to have it checked for STD or STI.

What To Do At Home?

Home remedies can help by using a cool underwear made of light fabric. This will provide better ventilation for the skin so you will not sweat too much. Avoid being in a hot location to reduce sweating.

What Diseases Could Cause Sweating in the Penis?

Some possible conditions may include but not limited to:

  • Allergies
  • Yeast infection
  • Other sexually transmitted diseases

You should also monitor for other symptoms like painful urination, ejaculation with pain or even difficulty having an erection.




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