Crawling Sensations in the Body – What Are These Creeping Feeling?

Have you been having those crawling sensations in different body parts? Sometimes, it can be referred to as something that small insects are creeping on the skin. However, there are medical conditions that can result to crawling symptoms in different parts of the body.


What Causes Them?

Usually, the sensations are on top of the skin. However, some people tell different stories of symptoms that include feelings within the muscle areas. In any case, let us take a look at the possible conditions that may lead to creeping feeling in the body parts.

It feels like something is crawling like small insects.


It can be due to lice or parasitic insects in the scalp. Having dandruff could also lead to crawling sensations on the head. It can be itchy at the same time.


The skin overall may be subject to this sensation. This may happen if one has diabetes, sclerosis or hormonal imbalance. Sometimes, stress and anxiety can lead to creeping sensations on the skin.


Having this symptom on the face could also be due to numbness and nerve damage. Sometimes, it feels like pins and needles from the forehead, the cheeks, nose and the chin. The lips could also be affected. It may be due to neuropathy, stroke, diabetes and other nerve problems.


The legs could also feel this kind of symptom. Nerve damage is also a possible cause for creeping feelings on the legs from the thigh to the legs, feet and toes. It can be pointed to a lumbar herniated disc or an overall disease in the brain or spinal cord. Diabetic neuropathy can also be attributed to this.

Hands and Arms

Just like with the legs, sensations of crawling insects may be related to peripheral neuropathy.

Ear Canal

A possible cause could be a trapped insect inside. You need to consult this with a doctor if the sensation gets worse.

Pubic Area

The pubic area has hair. If you feel there are crawling sensations, you need to inspect if you have parasites like genital lice or crabs.

Chest and Back Areas

A body wide symptom could be related to nerve damage or blood diseases. One should have the condition checked in order to identify the cause.


It is best to consult a doctor for any symptoms that bother you. Treatment for skin sensations should be addressed if it affects your life.



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