Penis Shaft Feels Hot Sensation – What Causes Warm Penis

Are you having those warm sensation in the penis shaft? Some men are worried that they could have a disease. However, it is important to first realize what the cause is in order to find the right treatment option. A penis that experiences different sensations such as hot or warm feelings should be checked by a physician. Most of the time, the concern is related to the nerves.

What Are The Symptoms?

Men with warm sensation on the penis shaft may interpret the symptom differently. In most cases, these are the symptoms that they report:

Treatment Options

You can only treat the symptoms once you have a proper diagnosis from a doctor. Usually, they are catered towards relieving the pain and then treating the cause of the warm sensation. If there is burning, then it could be felt on the skin of the penis.

However, a hot sensation could also be due to a nerve damage in the area. You will be given options on how to treat it based on the symptoms and the results of the test.

What Kind of Doctor to See?

You may see a GP for an initial diagnosis of your problem. However, a urologist can give a much more accurate diagnosis since he is an expert in such an area of the body.

What Tests Are Needed?

A pain in the penis shaft may warrant a physical exam. On the other hand, some tests may include an ultrasound or a urinalysis. You can ask your doctor about the diagnostic procedures that are best for your symptoms.

What Things To Look Out For?

If the symptoms are related to a disease, you should be vigilant in monitoring any of these possible symptoms:

Make sure to visit a doctor if you have symptoms that you cannot ignore.

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