Why My Belly Button Smells Bad – Smelly Belly Button Could Mean Infection

Do you have a foul odor in your belly button? Most people who experience such symptom could have a dirty navel. However, some of them could also have an infection that is not treated. In many cases, a symptom could be remedied with proper hygiene and healthy diet.


What Are The Symptoms

Most people who have foul smelling navel may not have the proper hygiene routine when they clean their bodies. If taking a bath is not regular, the dirt and grime could accumulate inside the navel which is a good host for bacteria. In other cases, a smelly belly button could mean a digestive tract disorder.

Symptoms of such condition include:

  • Discharge from the belly button
  • Smelly liquid coming out of the navel
  • Accumulated dirt and grime
  • Bad odor coming from the belly button pit

Is there a remedy?

Cleaning your navel could be the first important thing to do. When you take a bath, it is best to use a gentle scrub using a towel in the outside area of the belly button. However, take care in cleaning the insides as this area is sensitive.

A good cotton bud that is soft together with a lubricant like baby oil may be useful in cleaning the area. Be very careful as this is a very sensitive area. If you are not confident, do not do it and you may simply consult a doctor.

Signs of Infection

Any part of the body with infection could lead to a bad smelling discharge. If you notice certain fluids coming out from your navel, immediately consult a doctor. Some other things to be vigilant about are:

  • Blood coming from the navel
  • Foul smelling fluids
  • Pain inside the belly button

What Food Should I Avoid?

It is best to ask your doctor about the diet related to your symptom. In general, a foul smell from a body part could mean either improper hygiene or infection.



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